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Slurpees give me -metal- power!
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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
7:21 pm
I did an update! An entire update!
Well, now that things have finally slowed down at work, however temporary it may be, I'm here to update on some big and small things that've happened recently.

May as well start with the big: though most of you know by now, I got engaged on Saturday, February 16th while on my short vacation. The proposal went over great... I prefaced early in the trip that I wanted us to take scenery pictures this trip (we generally do, so it wasn't suspicious) and that Saturday gave us the weather we needed. We went to a park that had a beach overlooking lakeside mountains, and after taking a couple scenery pictures and a few with us in front... I requested we take one more "silly" picture, but instead set the timer and proposed to her while it took the picture. For those who haven't seen the picture and want to, let me know and I can e-mail or AIM/MSN it to you.

But yeah, it went about as well as it could've.. the day was pretty, the moment really caught her off guard, and it was sweet to see her kneel down and hug me while crying after saying yes. I was able to refurbish my mom's old engagement ring, which was already Ren's size, and the results were just right for her. Very simple, very pretty, and she's happy with it without having had to break the bank. The date is set for July 26th at a gorgeous nursery/gardens area in Kelowna specifically set up for weddings... and her dad is also flexing his checkbook in us having the reception at a fancy lakefront hotel. Can't complain there! And if your response is "wow, that's soon!", well, it's going to be a small wedding, she's already taken care of many aspects of the ceremony, and the venue itself supplies some of the necessities.

In other big news, this past month I had the joy of my first major appliance breakdown at home. My heat pump was making really loud noises, so I called my warranty company.. they proceeded to ignore me because it wasn't broken. A few days later.. it's broken! Great thinking there. They then sent someone on emergency service to me, and I was thrilled at first because the guys were nice and came out that very night to look at it. It would turn to disgust later though, as it wasn't for numerous days later before they gave the prognosis.. the warranty company would do $247 worth of repairs... except!

The heating company refused to do the work. Yep. The only way they'd do the work, is if I paid them -$1,300- to clean up my system, completely out of pocket. Yep!! $1,300 out of pocket to clean a 17+ year old heat pump so they can do $247 worth of repairs. Luckily they sent me the estimate for replacing the system? Just a mere $8,888! =D Needless to say, not only did they not get my business, but they're absolutely the catalyst for me never renewing my home warranty again.. it was just utter BS dealing with them.

After shopping around and getting some referrals, $4,000 and two weeks in a cold house running emergency heat later, I got a brand new heating system. Three weeks later I'd be freezing cold again.. but only feeling that way, because I got the flu! =D Our bosses thought it was a great idea to fly people in from Michigan to help.. one of which has been terribly sick for weeks! Now nearly everyone here has been hit with it, and it only took a weekend of me being bed-ridden and almost unable to eat, two days out of work, on top of a doctor's visit and losing 5-10 pounds for me to have recovered now. It's really hard for me to gain weight, so this is a fun process of me trying to gradually get back up to where I was again.

Since then, they've brought this woman back again.. further infecting everyone here, and everyone at the airport and on the plane she came in on! In fact, yesterday after flying here, she was so sick that she just stayed in the hotel room all day. That absurd lack of respect for people's well being has pissed several people off, myself included. It's just like those small outbreaks of childhood diseases that are happening in areas where parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids. Sure, make everyone else pay for your lack of human decency~

Now for the other things: vacation details and some vidya game stuff I put it behind a cut, yo.Collapse )

Current Mood: complacent
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
9:41 pm
wow.. crap.
Damn.. my buddy who sits right next to me, who I talk to and hang out at work more than anyone, put in his two weeks on monday and will have his last day be Thursday.

Our fleet of eight analysts is now dropping to four, and this is a particularly crushing blow for me in particular.. he was the only person in my little section of desks that I talked to, and we ran errands and the like together generally a few times a week. I kind of had hopes that when Ren got here, he and his wife would hang out with us outside of work.Thus I'm understandably crestfallen a bit by that alone.

But then on the way out, I mentioned to Margaret, my supervisor/boss that he sent out the e-mail finally letting his peers know about it. She said she was really surprised because our HR apparently offered to match the offer he got from the job he's taking....

She really shouldn't have told me that. I have over two and a half years earned value experience now, over four years of office jobs, I'm proficient with office and I've stood out majorly in my department in the recent years.. I could definitely get a much better salary offer than I'm making now if I looked, and apparently HR's willing to match/fight to keep me along, but only if I'm threatening to leave and have an offer?

I believe it's time to talk to my boss again.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, January 7th, 2008
1:25 am
Because I love 'im.
I'm more than a little concerned with my brother Alex's impending engagement. It's something I'm fairly vocal about to people, because his flaws included, I love the guy and want the best for him. Alex bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend of around two years early December. Though "two years" sounds like a lot, honestly, the relationship and his emotional maturity are still not where they need to be... I and my mom at least are pretty concerned with the idea.

Lengthy talk about my little bro and his relationshipCollapse )

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12:04 am
The guy who does my titles is on strike.
This was a nice relaxing weekend, and I am happy for that. For one, it was incredibly gorgeous out today.. and apparently going to get even better tomorrow, sweet. Took a quite long walk around the area just scoping out businesses I may not've known about. Earlier in the weekend, Ren took some great initiative and got plane tickets for a mid-February visit, and interestingly saved a lot by buying in Canadian dollars. It made it pretty affordable, though I'll have to drive to Baltimore and pay the parking for those days, but meh, worth it! I also got to expose her to a bit to Watch Them Die, which I figured would be awesome for her given her disposition to bands like All Shall Perish and As Blood Runs Black. Great success! \m/ She even bought a ticket to Paganfest, so that will be an absolutely awesome concert, made better by a visit!

I beat Dark Cloud 2 earlier this week.. just a really great game overall. The ending/final confrontation wasn't exactly epic, but I had so much fun playing through the game, I can't complain. The dungeon crawling action was great, Spheda was fun (if wildly unpredictable at times), Georama was a pretty cool little thing to do, and I really enjoyed building up crazy powerful weapons. Hopefully if they do a sequel, they'll vastly streamline the whole Spectrumization/Synthesis system though, because if there's something that should've definitely happened, it would've been the option to spectrumize and synthesize things more than one at a time. Awesome game though, and I've transitioned right to a second awesome game: Super Paper Mario. Like Paper Mario 2 before it, it's provided me with everything from things that make me smile, to chuckle, to actually crack up with its dialog. Very creative and fun game, lookin' forward to going through it all~

When I get to work tomorrow, I expect the contract from the lawyer to be in my inbox, so that will get the ball rolling and make sure that Ren and I will know the path forward. It looks like I'll have to be letting family and select friends know to have their passports ready, since we'll be hoping to have the ceremony in Vancouver. Talking to a lawyer or two confirmed that getting the K-1 "Fiance Visa" would be a pretty bad idea in our case.. forcing us to wait for the U.S. immigration system to process everything before we could get married, then quickly putting a 90 day deadline on it too, yikes >_> And yes, I know we're not engaged yet, but with something this big and potentially volatile, no way I'm going to take it lightly or go in unprepared. Luckily it looks like Ren and her mom/family will be looking to take care of the ceremony things.. good for me since it'll let me focus on the numerous U.S. things to prepare.

It's an expensive, but good time here. Guess I'd better get my tenant to pay me, huh?

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
11:21 pm
Lawyers are fun.
Navigating the search for legal representation is awfully fun. Within just a day of two I've been through a gauntlet of horrendously different quotes (from $1,500, to $3,500, to $5,000, to an impressive $6,000) and had different lawyers make different claims as to what's necessary or can be done. It's hard to tell when what they're saying is perfectly legit, or just a more complicated way to get business from you.

Luckily there's a woman at my work who used to be a lawyer, and she's given me some referrals.. but wow. Even with one who seems to really know what he's doing and have a plan, it's ever so slightly unnerving when another comes along and implies that the other guy's idea isn't the best.

I'll keep prodding and working hard to make sure I'm doing the right thing and not selling various limbs to do so, but yeesh, it's like talking to a car salesman at times X)

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Sunday, December 30th, 2007
11:35 pm
Yeah, it's me! Same me, but -faster-.
Yeah.. months since I updated! Honestly, my reason for not updating is pretty simple: work. The amount of work and importance put on me in my department has grown considerably in the past months.. I used to write entries at work, or have way less work at work. Now, free time to write usually revolves around communicating with a Ren, or making scattered pokeboard posts. And when I get home from a 9 hour shift in front of the computer, last thing I want to do is sit down and write more.

But, it's the ol' holiday break, and I've got some time, so here we are. There's plenty I haven't covered in the past months, so I'll try to break this baby up appropriately.

ConcertsCollapse )

GamesCollapse )

Wii!Collapse )

Ren visitsCollapse )

Ren!?Collapse )

My family!?Collapse )

House/TenantCollapse )

Other random crap!Collapse )

And hopefully I'll get to write another entry in the not-too-distant future about the situation with my brother and his impending fiance. If not, well, I promise it would've been really interesting! So everyone's missing out and it's very sad.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007
7:05 pm
Enjoy your organic food! But then, shut up about it.
It's not often that I rant.. well, or that I post an LJ at all, but after seeing crap about this everywhere constantly.. TV, radio, internet, stores, ads, books, and anyone who can push the idea, I'm getting very annoyed at the rampant stupidity involved in this huge organic food industry and its supposedly 'green' supporters affecting consumers and the cost of food. I'm keeping comments off in this rare instance because I recognize it's fairly volatile, I've seen how proponents act/feel, how they respond, and I've been exposed to the opposite arguments moooore than enough.

I'll make a simple statement... I'd have all the respect possible for the organic food industry if on their products or as a company description, they simply said, 'we believe in a different way of growing food', correctly listed what they did, and hell, you can obviously say 'and we think it tastes much better because of it!'. There, you've explained your purpose, and you've promoted it without misinformation or bullshit. A curious consumer may be turned off by the higher price, but still may try it after hearing how it might taste better. Then he/she can decide for him/herself. There, done, and respected all around. We all have a right to know the truth of products we buy and have the ability to make our purchasing decisions because of it.. otherwise, why would there be such outrage whenever it's discovered that something was a lie or made by sweatshop workers or whatever the issue?

Giant is a good example of the way things should be done, and I'm not saying that because I worked there.. they have a line of their own "nature's promise" organic products... and that's it. No claims of anything, just the fact that they're organic. People have the choice, and no misleading bullshit about it. That's how it -should- be. It's not a superior lifestyle, or an 'educated' lifestyle, it's just a choice some people make. Or at least again, that's what it should be.
But it's not. Rant on!Collapse )

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007
11:49 pm
Well my birthday has come and gone, and here I am at a pretty insignificant age =D

It was however, quite awesome. First, the aforementioned Simpsons Movie was absolutely hilarious, and was a nice start to a cool weekend spent with parents. They went way overboard and spent a lot of money on me for my birthday.. apparently mom had gotten me the couple of CDs and DS games I wanted, then dad wanted to get me some houseware stuff too, so they did that too X) Really sweet of them.. my dad is very seemingly unemotional, and though he wouldn't say it, he gets genuinely excited about helping me out with house stuff.

Ended up going out for dinner three nights in a row o_O Unintentionally though. I knew we'd go out for a nice dinner when Alex got home from his summer work, and I'd suggested to mom that we invite a family friend that had been going through some really tough times as of late. What that turned into, was the family taking just me out, the family taking Alex and I out for our birthdays, and -then- us going to meet the family friends for dinner. Well uh, sure!

I picked a chinese buffet because I figured with the big dinner the next day, they were already spending enough money on me.. was quite good. Then Alex arrived and we went to Mike's American Grill in Springfield. Good lord that place is delicious.. best damn ribeye I've ever had. Then we went to a small down-home pork-bbq place to meet the friends. Kinda meh food, but was nice to see them.

Alex hasn't gotten me a gift, which I'm not sure how to feel about. He's thinking of things, but I did give him some ideas long ago, and we tend to be on time. I feel especially silly because I took an extra trip from work to a post office near home just to get one of his CDs on time for his birthday. Oh well. His priorities are pretty tightly skewed towards his girlfriend, but everyone who's around him is pretty used to that by now X)

Special note goes to Ren and SK too.. Ren got me an absolutely awesome Shadow of the Colossus detailed figurine.. amazingly, she found one that depicts one of my favorite moments, Very minor spoiler. Play the damn game if you haven't!Collapse )Was awesome. And SK got me both a gift card, -and- a phone card so I can talk to ren when we're sans-internet for whatever reason. Having an overly generous friend is a problem people would love to have I know.. but I'm still floored at his generosity.

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to Aubrey and Megan =) (it'll probably be the 4th by time you guys see it)

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007
11:29 pm
Way to go Simpsons on the huge opening weekend! I was fortunate enough to see it with my family as a pre-birthday spoiling sort of thing.. and holy crap, it was hilarious. Before it, my mom was saying she was mainly happy to go with us, but afterwards she kept talking about how funny it was. Then she went on about how different people cracked up more at different parts and such.. was neat to see.

Anyway, -loved- it. If you even casually have watched the show, the reviews are that good for a reason. Go~

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
8:10 am
Excitement train!
Nooot much going on lately. I gave blood yesterday and it was the first time I'd gotten nauseous at the end. I think it was because they normally take it with me laying down, and this time I did it at a fire station where they set up some odd chairs that had me tilting my arm down at an uncomfortable angle. Ah well, I'd still do it even if I got nauseous every time X)

I saw 1408, which was worthy of the positive reviews it received. Very impressively creepy without resorting to -too- many cheap scare tactics or gore etc. The ending felt kiiind of like a cop-out, but eh~

Birthday's coming up in about two weeks, and it's nothing major.. 26 is an age of no consequence whatsoever, and I don't like making a fuss of it.. so I just enjoy the gifts and time with family. Alex will actually be comng home from his summer work on the day of my b-day.. but unfortunately that's a Monday, so it's less conducive to the whole family hanging out. I'm more excited about the Simpsons Movie coming out then, than anything =D

Also, it's amazing to me how the creator of VGCats continually becomes more and more of the exact kind of person I would -not- want to become if I had internet fame. He has quite the balls to leave the "updated Mondays!" as his website tag, given he probably hasn't had a Monday update in months. He rarely updates, and his last several have been terribly unfunny. Then, instead of working on getting comics for everyone, he's like 'sorry I didn't do the comic again, but we've got PLUSHIES FOR SALE!!'.. punk, and they probably sold well too. For someone who apparently lives off merchandise sales, you'd think he could have some consistency and appreciation for those funding his lazy ass... Penny Arcade always updates on time, Homestarrunner usually has complicated flash animations up weekly among other fan stuff, and hell, Real Life comics has one every day. I feel guilty that someone bought me a shirt from his webstore, now! Worst work ethic/fan appreciation ever.

Off to work, everyone have a great day~

EDIT: Oh right, and I'm playing Suikoden 3 now. It's.. okay so far. Obviously made in the earlier days of PS2 RPGs, as there's some graphical and control flaws 'n annoyances. But, I chose the wrong character to start with (Hugo) and am enjoying it slightly more with Geddoe, so we shall see how this turns out.

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Monday, July 9th, 2007
11:16 pm
Overdue update part 5: Pictures!
er yeah.. -very- overdue. I don't update too often as most know, annnd I kinda forgot this main portion. The rest of the pictures from the june SK + Ren trip. As mentioned, there aren't any pictures from the baltimore aquarium, but rest assured, it was awesome. Pictures of the Busch Gardens visit become visible once this is clickedCollapse )

and that is followed by.. Yet with this link, one can visit the land of my front-yard and couple pictures!Collapse )

annd I'm spent. One very good news as of late is I very, very quickly filled the open tenant position. Once again, roomates.com came through for me.. a few years back in maryland, that's how I found Jerry's place, and it cost me 6 bucks for that entire search. This time, I put up my posting on a Saturday, put out a few messages, paid 6 bucks, and by Thursday I had a great tenant moving in. His name is Mike, and he's a pretty damn cool guy. Plus, he pays me $600 a month to live here, so woot!

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Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
7:15 pm
Overdue update part 4: Movies!
Been a while since I've done this, but I was exposed to many movies on the last few trips and I owe my LJ/friends a few synopsis. Cloud~

Big Fish is one of my favorites in the bunch. As long as you have tolerance for surrealistic or fantasy-like elements, and sad movies, I can't imagine not enjoying this. Read more...Collapse )

Moulin Rouge was more universally enjoyable than I thought. In fact, I loved watching it, Read more...Collapse )

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrCLOUDRULES! was amazingly animated and enjoyable. There were a few moments where I legitimately forgot I was watching an animated work, Square's just that damn good. Read more Cloud...Collapse )

Knocked Up was damn good. My parents, Ren and I were laughing throughout, and it was successful at being more than that. Read more...Collapse )

The Illusionist was another cool movie. Another nod has to go to the actors on this one, as all of the main players did a fantastic job. Read more...Collapse )

Requiem for a Dream.. gah. Much like House of Sand and Fog was to me, it's a great movie as long as you don't mind feeling depressed by the end of it. Read more...Collapse )

The Usual Suspects I don't need to say too much about. What I do want to say is -finally-! Now I understand what the -numerous- references and parodies of that movie's twist ending are about. And not just that, but the numerous other references to "Keyser Soze" too. When it got to the ending I was like.. oh, OH! THIS is that movie/Cloud! X)

Pan's Labyrinth.. gah again. Fantastic movie, but man was it brutal... For those who haven't seen, be warned.. it's only about one third fantasy, Read more...Collapse )

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was surprising. I didn't expect it to have as many laugh aloud moments as it did, but between the humorous occasional bursts of narration, and multiple surprises in the plot... Read more...Collapse )

A few others too... The New World was gorgeously filmed and showed a good bit of the whole story that I didn't know. Apparently Disney takes liberties with stories?! =( Gattaca was very good, but I can't imagine trying to synopsize it. I did manage to ruin the emotional ending of it with hilarity though!

I haven't seen any of the threequels yet, actually. I'm at least interested in them all, though I hear conflicting reports on them all, which has quelled my thirst to go see it alone. The last in-theaters movie I saw before that was 300! And again, not a whole lot to say there... awesome action, great visuals, and just the sort of sensationalized testosterone you'd expect. Even a decent amount of historical accuracy!

Cloud! =D

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Friday, June 15th, 2007
8:11 pm
Overdue update part 3: Ren's visit!
Huge entry here about the Ren visit. Naturally, it was pretty dang wonderful.

Luckily, when we got the tickets, I was able to get Ren a flight with only one stop on the way here. She has some sickness troubles with long flights, so the less she was going up and down constantly, the better. It was still a little draining, but she arrived on time and mostly intact. DC is so much more humid than it was back home, so it was somewhat of a rude awakening to head back outside to the sticky heat.. especially for her, since she's not accustomed to humidity.

The unwelcome surprises kept coming once I realized I couldn't find my parking ticket. At Dulles, you pay inside, so I brought it inside in case that was the situation for DC Reagan too. It wasn't, and all I can piece together is that at some point, I took something out of my pocket, and the ticket fell out without me noticing. As such, I got to pay a hefty full-day charge for my less than 2 hours there. Sigh! Thankfully, it went way uphill from there.Collapse )

Soo now... going to plan a trip back to her area in August, where this time I can meet Christy! I know that's pretty soon since this one was June, but we needed to get the time in before she starts back with school and things become more difficult. I'm hoping after then, we can get her back out here maybe during Thanksgiving to meet Alex too... after that, the sky's the limit, if you will.

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
12:27 am
Overdue update part 2: SK's visit!
Well after years of talking about it, and the occasional fall-through of plans to do so, I finally got to meet with SK, a.k.a. Brian, a.k.a. Starmie Knight! Naturally there was a lot of anticipation going into this, as he's a fellow Mario Sports player, and despite his extreme kindness and politeness, had no reservations with pre-emptively mocking my apparently inevitable downfall once I'd face him!

That said, if anything, he was actually -more- kind and polite than we thought! I don't think the guy could've uttered a truly negative word about us or anyone X) And while I didn't second-guess giving him a nice place to stay here and all, he apparently felt necessary to pay for -multiple- meals for both Ren and myself x_x Too nice... He was a gracious guest, and it was really nice having him here.

However, that should all be fairly obvious to everyone fortunate enough to know the guy online X) Rest assured, it's all true, and his jestful smack-talking online disappears into fun-loving humility in person, it seems!
More details of sillies, his generosity, and a whooole lot about our kickass video gaming!Collapse )

and with that, I'll begin work on part 3, the Ren portion of the visit! =D To cap it off, here's a couple pictures of the absurdly tall (keep in mind, I'm about 6'2"-3") SK with me and Ren.
I'm in utter shock at his size!Collapse )

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Monday, June 11th, 2007
6:37 pm
overdue update part 1: pre-visit
Well of course the major bit of news that came and went is centered around the fact that I just moved into this lovely abode at the end of april. The move was very, very smooth. The weather was perfect, there were no hitches/damages made, my family was a huge help and my mom even commented on how thankful she was that I'd gotten so much work done ahead of time. The truck rental was fine, and only cost me about $100 when all was said and done.

Then I should mention how monumentally cool my parents were. Beyond buying the first dinner we had in my house, the next day I went out with them to buy furnishings since I now had two more bathrooms and one more bedroom than ever before to furnish. First, they buy me a brand new, nice vacuum cleaner as a house-warming gift, which was nice enough... then when mom and Alex went to wal-mart where I just asked them to pick up a couple things with me intending to pay for it, they came back with a bunch of new things... new trash cans, liners, pillows, mulch, and a bunch of flowers for my garden out front (some visible and some not in the above picture). All in all, spent like another $100 on me and the house just like that, wow x_x I'd spent a bit over $300 on furnishing the rooms, and my realtor had given me a $100 Lowe's gift certificate, -and- some family friends sent me a $100 check as a housewarming gift, so yeah.. huge outpouring of kindness and excitement from people.
Then all the bad news flooded in..Collapse )
Okay, got two more entries to go, so better get crackin' here X)

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
1:18 am
Another down
Played through and beat FF12 recently. Many thanks to Ren for letting me borrow it and an extremely useful strategy guide. I'll say for sure it's been one of the most addicting FFs I've played, and overall definitely one of the best.

I agree with the assessment she gave that the ending sneaks up on you really fast. Thankfully it's a cute ending, but still, surprising how quickly it came to a close. As of now, I've still been playing and doing some of the extras.. of which there are tons, many -way- harder than the storyline challenges, but I don't think I'm going to go for some of the biggest challenges (Omega XIII, Yiazmat), as they seem more like tests of endurance than strategy, or let's say, "fun".. Hell, even King Behemoth is annoying in that he's hitting a fully armored, buffed dude for several thousand and following up with several thousand more right after. Might still fight him though...

Anyway, the annoyances the game have are relatively few. The steal gambit not stopping when you get an item is kinda silly. The 'lag' during bigger fights is cumbersome, enemies teleporting and being completely invincible during that is absurd (one NM was teleporting over and over so he could never be targetted, yet was doing 6 hit combos that instantly killed characters.. that's not even remotely fair). The storyline wasn't the most engaging later on and I thought Ashe was very dull and wooden as a heroine. And of course, the infamous Zodiac Spear acquisition is ridiculous. I was hoping Square would stop things like that, which no player in his/her right mind would ever accomplish without a guide... that exact thing disenchanted me with FFTA when I found I'd missed out on some of the best items because of that map placement that had no explanation, rhyme or reason to it.

However, the improved-FF11-like battle system is great. Gambits were a very welcome addition and rarely screwed me over. Balthier may be the single best, and -is- the single most stylish FF character ever created. Fran and Basch were very cool on top of it, and for the plucky hero type I generally repel myself from, Vaan was pretty tolerable. Hell, even Selphie-clone Penelo had moments of not-sheer-annoyance. The many sidequests, challenging hunts (versus the easier story), and various extras were all quite cool. Great graphics and music, though that's no shocker. Despite the story, there's some very cool and cute scenes throughout. And -very- happy that there was a wide variety of weapons to choose from along the way, and not the usual one-handed-swords-rule-all sentiment that's typical (Hand Bombs are a cool new addition~).

Definitely a great FF, and didn't take me long at all to see why most people loved it. Also cool to see the PSP remake of FFT is adding Balthier to it. Very nice~ Too bad I have no interest in a PSP, or replaying FFT. I played that game to death because I loved it so much.. then one day I went back to maybe play again, and realized how slow the game was to play X) Not nearly the type for a breezey nostalgic playthrough.

Looks like I'll be playing Kingdom Hearts next. For now, bed. Shitty, ohhh so shitty day that needs to be behind me.

The whiny sounding 'current music' is entirely coincidental, not me trying to sound dramatic, heh.

Current Mood: sad
Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
11:50 pm
warning: This is an unusually haughty post of mine, and it's entirely work related, so probably not very interesting. But still, I feel good.

Today I was quiiite vindicated. We've had people coming into the job to audit out various procedures, and one issue they had were about things that didn't match between our department and another we work with.

Thing is, over the past 9 months or so, I, completely on my own discretion, started a whole procedure of working with the people in that department.. doing detailed checks of our data to point out any discrepancies and get them fixed. It's been gradually expanded to checking more and more information to make sure everything ties...

Turns out according to the audit people, that's something we should've been doing all along. And while it still needs to happen with scrutiny, the long and short of it is, I saved our asses by making this procedure and seeing it through. Not only that, but as the auditors give us direction, they'll be able to immediately turn to me for answers and solutions, many of which already exist.. again, because I created them.

Pretty kickass. Beyond that, in a more vindictive way than I'd normally be, if I get slighted on the raises, I have a new additional defense for how invaluable I am!

I don't normally get too boastful/prideful, but this was a really good feeling. I don't think I've been in a position before where I realized people would be high and dry without something I did X) w00t.

Current Mood: pleased
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
5:39 am
Got to see Alex for the first time in few months on Sunday when he came up to see a concert at Jaxx. It was a sold out co-headlined show by The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, with Into Eternity and Scar Symmetry as support. The crazy part of that being that Scar Symmetry is one of my absolute favo(u)rite bands, and I went ahead and ordered the tickets just when it was DT and Into Eternity on the list, as I knew I'd like to see Into Eternity again and the show would likely sell out...

It had "Plus 1 National TBA" listed, and I was just hopping around when I saw SS was coming in that spot. First time playing in North America too, and I already had the tickets. So damn awesome.

The show was of course fantastic. Was thrilled to see SS.. they put on a killer show, and Christian the lead singer impressed me as much as ever. His singing voice was beautiful, and he looked effortlessly when he went from screams to growls, to lower growls, to the friggin' lowest possible register just like that... most impressively versatile vocalist in any metal genre I've run into, damn.

Bonus too, that between sets I was walking around and managed to run into and meet three of the guys. Sat around and chatted a little bit about the band, how the shows were going, that sorta stuff. Very nice and appreciative guys, got my CD booklets signed, and Christian also signed mine of Torchbearer, one of his side-projects X) Very, very happy I got to meet them.

Into Eternity had another great show, and if anything, just disappointed at the length. Didn't touch the first album or my favo(u)rite song from Buried in Oblivion.. still, great show, love seeing them live. And luckily, the two band members I didn't get to meet + sign my booklets last time were at the merch table this time =) Very nice and cool to talk to.. Their new guitarist complimented my Bloodbath shirt and talked about them for a little bit too. Alex was surprised how down-to-earth he was. Good times~

Dark Tranquillity was very good.. the set was insanely long, they probably played more than 12 songs. It's always a fun show with them, just with it being the 3rd time I've seen them, not much is different from show to show, so no real surprises.

I was soon reminded of the toll an office job takes on one's body compared to a job working in stores. My ability to be comfortable standing still for a long period of time has severely diminished x_x Walking around fo hours is fine, but standing around still really hurts the ol' lower back. Didn't end up finding a space to lean against until partway through The Haunted. They were putting on a very good show, in all honesty. But poor Alex had a 2+ hour drive, it was already 11, and he worked at 6:30 in the morning, so we headed out a little early..

Walked out with a very cool SS tour shirt, 3 newly signed books and 3 with new additional signatures =D And again feeling incredibly lucky I got to see a favo(u)rite band on their first NA tour, and them putting on a great show. Good effin' times.

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Saturday, March 17th, 2007
10:57 pm
It's time for pictures!
All righty, no more work angst for now. Overall things are great... closing on the house on the 23rd, raise coming, had a wonderful vacation just recently and have Lauren and SK visiting in June too~ Lots to be excited about, despite all the intimidating aspects of home-ownership X)

So going to focus on something quite positive: Some gorgeous and/or cute pictures from the awesome trip to British Columbia. Everything there was breathtaking.. and hell, we could've stopped 50 different times along the drive between Kelowna and Nelson and got amazing pictures, it was just that kind of area. Collectively we did get some awesome pictures of the various areas, as well as some cute and silly pictures of the two of us.

Thy next foe is...
Gorgeous Pictures!Collapse )

and then came the awwwww picturesCollapse )

Hope you enjoy(ed) the pretties, though my apologies if you already saw her post and see almost the exact same pictures X)

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Sunday, February 18th, 2007
7:15 pm
and in a sudden move of growing up:
Today I got a contract approved on a house! =D

A very pretty townhouse in a quiet and lushly forested area in Stafford right near the highway exit =) Quite spacious, 1,600 square feet with two master bedrooms, each with a full bathroom. I took their very reasonable asking price and got a $7,500 kickback to cover all my closing costs.

I'm thrilled~ Near the highway, in walking distance of shopping, gorgeous area, and potential to rent out to a roommate if I'd like some extra income. But it's not even necessary, I can definitely afford it~

I don't like to be one to brag, but I'm pretty proud of myself now. 25 and owning a nice house solo, hell yeah =D

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